Nourishment and Presence on this Earth:
Two ONLINE offerings in the practice of perception and body awareness
with Caryn McHose

Available live-online and by recording

“I was recently asked this question:

What is the call from the Earth and the people, right now?

As I reflect on this question, I notice a stilling in my body, a receptivity, not as thoughts, but as sensed in this moment. A good question can evoke a pause, a quieting, an invitation for the world to touch into the flesh of this body. Then, what arises inside such a quieting: impressions of foot-ground and seat ground, light of sky, the offer of breath through the air that touches my skin and nostrils, a landing of body, and a fuller acceptance of ground. This feels like nourishment. I notice an easing of the 'efforting' to be in a world that feels fraught; the presence of the offered support and a sense of flow that accompanies it.”
~ Caryn McHose

In Caryn’s unique and refreshing teaching approach, movement begins with orientation to our place on this Earth, touching into weight/ground and space as precursors to sensory perception. Weight, ground and space are elements our bodies depend on to organize function that, in turn, can help us more consciously position, move and rest our whole selves. As we learn to attend to these elements, participation in this moment tends to reveal itself and show us the way forward to meet the joys and challenges in our lives. Caryn’s training offers an opportunity to move in nourishing and inspiring ways that are available to everyone.

This fall, Caryn offers two opportunities to engage with perception, body awareness and being in life: a series of three two-hour workshops, and a one-day workshop. Each of these events will convene using Zoom™. Join via a computer, tablet or phone that has audio and video capability, with a reliable high-speed internet connection.

Thursdays, September 22 thru October 6, 6-8PM (US Eastern)
Nourishment and Presence Three-Week Series
Sunday, October 2, 9AM-3PM (US Eastern)
Nourishment and Presence One-day Workshop

REFUND POLICY: Please refer to the refund policy for each event.

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